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I study the biogeography and phylogenetics of Pacific coral reef fish, and thought getting one of the fishes I study, and the gene I use to study it tattooed on me would be a great way to remember doing my thesis work. And as my wife puts it, it's a great reminder that my thesis is as of yet, of the unwritten variety.

The critters are Halichoeres hortulanus (an Indo-Pacific wrasse) spawning with the DNA sequence being the primer Control Region E (or CrE).

-Josh Drew

T-Bone Martin, tattoo artist


I got my dolphin tattoo because it reminds me of my goal in life—to become a marine biologist. Whenever I get stressed out in school or wonder if it's all worth it, I just have to look at my ankle to remind myself that this is what I want more than anything right now!



I got my angel fish tattoo, because I went through a period of time where I grew up to realize that I am free strong and beautiful just the way I am. So the beauty of the fish made me feel more confident!

-Brandy, Rochester, NY



T-Bone Martin, tattoo artist


I chose this image to express my love of diving, marine life, and my decision to move to the Pacific Northwest.


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