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The real reason that I got it is because I just LOVE to fish, I have fished my whole life, and I think that yellowtails are really fun to catch, I also think that they are beautiful.




I used to have a lucrative and only slightly miserable career as a programmer. Then I discovered my squid obsession. I heard a story on the radio about Architeuthis and picked up a book about deep sea squid. A little while later I got SCUBA certified and that settled it. I've forsaken programming and gone back to school. Next year I'll be done with my marine biology bachelor's degree and looking for a good cephalopod grad school. I'm poor now and I blame it all on the squid.




Eventually I plan to study orca behavior in British Columbia, and had been thinking about getting a tatoo for some time After I heard Milton Love joke at a marine lecture that "if you want to study an animal for your career it should be part of you," I was sold! I didn't want any girly dolphin hugging a heart design, so I modified this tribal design I found online.




A photo I took of a great white shark on an English guy I met on a shark dive at Guadalupe Island.

–Bill Becher


Dolphins on someone I met on Roatan, Honduras.

–Bill Becher


I study the ocean, and I play in it too. Hence, I got this wave tattoo.



I got this tattoo for the simple fact I love dolphins. To me they represent freedom and beauty.


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