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Still more fascinating accounts from those adorned with sea life tattoos

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I got this tattoo for my love of diving and butterflies.


I just love dolphins, and started searching for a tattoo with a dolphin, saw the design and fell in love with it.

-Jen McGregor


Here's my latest dolphin tattoo.

-Jen McGregor

The reason I got a tattoo of a lingcod is because its my favorite fish for a number of reasons. The number one reason is that they are ravanous beasts that never seem to be full. I really dig going through their gut and seeing what they ate last. I once found a large octopus,a small skate and a still twitching juvenile shark in one. The second major reason is they taste great. Also I find the colors of a green one to be really cool and think its just all around a very handsome fish.

-Abel Zutler

I just got this tattoo in July 2004, after trying for 7 years to get a design. I chose a viperfish for a combination of reasons. As an ichthyologist, I find the ways these fish have evolved in their environment fascinating. This fish also reminds me of the greatest teacher I ever had at any level- Dr. Robert Johnson. Dr. J, who studied mesopelagic fishes off the coast of Somalia, taught my ichthyology and deep sea biology courses at the Grice Marine Lab. Dr. J passed on a few years back and he is missed.

-Brad Wiley

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