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I primarily got the conch shell and two fish because of their symbolism in Buddhism,
but also because the ocean has always fascinated me to the extent that I would like to
work toward being a marine biologist.
The tattoo was done in two stages, outlines and then colored.


leanna tattoo colored
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I am an avid fisherman and a biologist, although I primarily study wildlife, I always have fish on the brain.
This tattoo was loosely based on a brilliant spawning male brook trout I caught a few years ago.
With the help of Nick Chaboya of Classic Tattoo in Grass Valley, CA I have a work of art on my leg
that reminds me of fishing Sierra waters.

-Kevin Crouch
Sacramento, CA
Wildlife biology Degree from Humboldt State

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I don't have a particular story about why I got a jellyfish tattoo other than
I'm a marine biologist and thought it would make a good marine bio tattoo.

-Amy Lamb

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I got this tattoo as my graduation present for getting my B.S. in Marine Biology from
College of Charleston and Grice Marine Lab. I also have an art minor, and am obsessed
with the etherial elegance of jellyfish. I adapted this image of a general scyphomedusae
from a plate in an old text book. Tattoo Artist: Ricky McGee from Anonymous.

- Haley O'Brien

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