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I go this tattoo because i am a scuba diver and 5 year marine hobbiest.

-Daniel Horn


I love to Scuba and I am all about my marine reef tank...
I also love math and computing.
The divine proportion of the Chambered Nautilus just rocked for me!

-Michele from Massachustts



I got this tattoo because:
1. It's goregous. The octopus is a freaking amazing animal.
2. The ocean is a part of my life, and it always will be. I grew up in Seaside, Oregon. My father is the general manager of the Seaside Aquarium. I basically grew up in the Seaside Aquarium. As a matter of fact, the first place I ever lived was the apartment behind the gift shop. My parents met there, and i have been working there for about five years. I am now eighteen. When I went to college I realized how much I miss being near large bodies of water and all of the life therein. Therefore, the tattoo.

-Alexandria Chandler



I got a Volitan Lionfish because this fish is what brought my passion to be a marine biologist and whenever I look at my back in the mirror and see it I am reminded of what I care about and the career path I feel most for. I'm also a leo, which is a lion, so it's kind of the same.

-Anthony Wasley

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