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I have many different tattoo styles on my body. But already as a child i liked the sea with her many creatures. There are many more found for my sealife tattoos. So i was one day by my tattoo artist and see the flash of this "mutant", a mix between a sepia and octopus. I loved it but i don’t had the right knowledge what is the exact difference between both creatures. After i had the mutant on my right leg i looked into the internet to see the distinguish between both. Oh shit! But may be is in the ocean an existing form of it? How know it? :) It’s tattooed by Andy from Zaubernadel in Pfaffenhofen / Germany.

The second one is a real sepia. I have seen it on a convention in Germany and love it too. It’s tattooed by Underground Tattoo in Wolfenbüttel / Germany. I’m proud of it. I want to cover up my right leg with sealife creatures. The next will be a seahorse or a crayfish at the foot.

-Carsten, from Germany

honu (turtle) image

Honu Turtle tattoo - I fell in love with this simple Hawaiian tat.

Salmon tattoo - I love salmon fishing and designed this tat myself.

-Roberta Warnick



salmon image


tattoo image

Last of the Florida cracker



My passion and concern for the preservation of sharks is the main reason for getting this tattoo. I just graduated college and would like to turn my passion into a life-long career towards the conservation of sharks.

-Ryann Cripe


tattoo image

HSMB 05 stands for the High School Marine Biology Program that I did with the Shedd Aquarium the summer of 2005. And I got it because it meant a lot to me, I met amazing people and it opened doors for my future marine biology career! it's a Mola mola, and I chose a Mola mola because it's one of my favorite fish and I'm doing research on it for my honors class.

-Amber Hargrove

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