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For my love of sea turtles



I love spearfishing and diving. The artist's rendition of this hogfish is killer.

-Gene Colwell



I'm working with tunicates and bryozoans at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, however, neither of those make a really attractive "wow" tattoo, so I went with another invert: an artist's interpretation of the giant pacific octopus, Octopus dofleini. The work was done over 7 hours by Matt at Gold Coast tattoo in Monterey.

-Greg Schroeder



This piece is a fossilized adult White Shark tooth done by Eye Spy in Petaluma, CA that I had done following a series eye-opening encounters out at the Farallones and most recently while surfing. I chose a fossil as a reminder of how young our knowledge of such ancient creatures remains, and how much more we still have discover.

-Julie Day


I have this slight obsession with cephalopods, and after raising Sepia officinalis as an intern at New England Aquarium, I decided to get one tattooed on my calf. It was done on Guam by Mike of Lots of Art Studio. Who knows what will be next!

-Bre Emhiser

The ocean has always had a strong centering influence on my life in both personally and professionally. I got this tattoo as a present to myself on my 32th birthday to celebrate some significant life transitions. It was a fun process, like commissioning a peice of art.
I got this Koi tattoo when I was 29. "Oily" at Immortal in Havelock and I couldn’t be happier.

-Jan Smith
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